Fabricating Steel Structures

At Ropa Engineering, we have a fully functional workshop equipped with the latest technology that allows our capable team to construct and manufacture any kind of steel structure as per your specifications. This ensures that we guarantee quality products that meet and exceed our client’s expectations making your experience with us worth while.

Let Us Meet Your Structural Needs With Our Team Professionals

Plants and Equipment

For the past three years, we have increased our plants and equipment every year by ploughing back our profit and expanding every year.

We now have 2 lorries, steel fabrication and erection equipment (hoisting cranes, erection derricks, pulleys, toffers, drilling machines, mig & arc welding machines, grinders, screw guns, spray machines, spotting machines, gas cutter etc), personal vehicles and other construction equipment such as concrete mixers, compactors/rammers, staff protective gear and clothing etc.

Some of Our Clients: