What We Do

At Ropa Engineering we supply, fabricate and erect structural steelwork structures like churches, factories, bridges, go-downs, schools etc. We build and renovate all types of buildings; religious, residential, commercial and industrial (go-downs, factories) to the satisfaction of our individual, corporate and government clients. Our careful curated team of skilled and professional structural engineers who understand the need to fabricate steel structures off-site under controlled conditions ensuring a high quality product and finish.

Pressed Steel Tanks and Towers

Ropa Tanks are either of square or rectangular profile, using mass-produced pressed steel panels bolted together to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities.

This is a simple and transportable solution to the problem of bulk storage. They can be extended, reduced in size or can have an internal partition for periodic cleaning of each compartment, or alternatively, store the liquid for different applications. 

They can be also dismantled, transported and re-erected elsewhere if necessary. The standard finish for tower is with one coat of primer and one coat of finish paint. Any other types of finish are available on request. 

Erection teams are available to assemble the tanks either on towers, rooftops, dwarf walls or concrete foundations. When self-assembly is required installation manuals and drawings are provided to the client. 

Steel Structures

At Ropa Engineering, we take pride in the supply of state of the art steel structures for go-downs and warehouses, airplane hangers, towers, bridges and crane buildings.


Most of our steel structures are recyclable, we harness the locally available human and material resources to design and build cost effective steel structures that exceed customer expectations in delivery time and environmentally sound end product.

Steel Buildings

A steel building is a metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding, as opposed to steel framed buildings which generally use other materials for floors, walls, and external envelope.


Steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, work spaces and living accommodation. They are classified into specific types depending on how they are used.

Some of Our Clients: